We hate to admit it, but the end of August is here, which means summer is winding down and school is about to begin.  With the start of school usually comes less time to be spent cooking elaborate meals for the family, enter meal prep!  Meal prepping is handy, and you find a good amount of meal prepping ideas on foodie blogs… but what about seafood meal prep?

A couple of weeks ago we showed our viewers how to create fish sticks that were conveniently freezer friendly (find the recipe here!)  The response was wonderful, and many people appreciated that we included how to freeze the tasty sticks o’ fish.  Which got us thinking about all of our meal prepping ideas that include fish!

First off, you can cook more than what is needed for a single meal and store it in air tight containers for roughly 3 days.  This makes a great breakfast the next day (see our leftover fish hash recipe right here!) or even a fantastic lunch or dinner for the next few days!  I always store the fish separate from other parts of the meal so that I can create an entirely new taste profile for the next meal.

Another idea is to cook fish in bulk on sheet pans. Sheet pans can cook a significant amount of fish, and any extra space can be used for fresh veggies!  Using storage containers, you can place a desired amount of fish and veg in each container and have lunch or dinner for several days.  I enjoy allocating time on Sunday evenings for meal prepping fish for the week.  It saves me so much time during my week and allows me to still eat healthy home cooked meals!  It’s a win-win in my book.

Lastly, there have been times where I purchase fish and then run out of time to cook it. Or realize I have purchased too much. Don’t fret! Freezing portions of fish is as easy as it sounds and works just like freezing any other protein source.  One suggestion we do have is to freeze portions of fish in the quantity you need for specific meals as sometimes the fillets stick together.

So there you have it! Meal prepping is just as easy with seafood… and even more tasty in our opinion! We hope you enjoyed our meal prepping ideas and they help you out when the time comes! Stay tuned for a great seafood meal prep video tomorrow!