The Market

A local landmark since the 1800s, our photogenic market on Custom House Wharf is the number one destination for locals and people-from-away alike in search of lobster in Maine, and the freshest seafood anywhere. And no, we don’t throw our fish. We love our fish. We wouldn’t do that. Still, bring your camera.

Maine's Source

Portland has many of the most well-regarded restaurants anywhere in the northeast, and the best of those come to us as their source for quality seafood. They love our specialty cuts, custom orders, rare species, sustainable practices, and market prices.

At Your Door

We ship almost any of our product to you, including live lobsters. Count on the actual real people (no robots, no cyborgs!) behind our fancy website to pack and ship your next special occasion with care.

We like it here.

We rely on a wide variety of neighbors and friends from around the globe to supply us with fantastic seafood. And speaking of the globe, we love the one we’re on, so we pay close attention to shifting sustainability practices. We’ll never sell something simply because it’s available, and we’ll never sell you something we wouldn’t take home ourselves.

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Latest News and Articles:

The Delicacy that is Bluefin Tuna

                  Bluefin tuna are among the most beautifully colored fish in the sea. They display a vibrant metallic blue on the top of their bodies, and a shimmering white on the bottom. These colors are strategic markings, providing camouflage from above and...

All About Laughing Bird Shrimp

There’s a delicate balance between the health benefits of serving wild seafood and the ecological benefits of serving farmed seafood. We’re constantly on the lookout for products that are both healthy to eat, and healthy for our planet. One variety of farmed shrimp...

Poke Bowls: This Season’s Hottest Food Trend

Poke bowls are this season’s hottest food trend. We want to break down its history for you a little, and then show you just how easy it is to make in the comfort of your own home! Poke bowls originated in Hawaii. The word poke translates to “cut” or “slice” and...

Red Snapper

  Red snapper can grow surprisingly large, topping the scale at 35 pounds. But the average market size is only roughly 4 to 6 pounds. Red snapper that are under 4 pounds have a lighter pink colored skin, but as they grow older (and bigger), they develop a deeper red...

Cod: The Staple Fish of the North Atlantic

Cod is the staple fish of the North Atlantic. It has a long history as the fish that fed entire medieval populations, allowed the Vikings and other Europeans to become world explorers, and continues to be a source of nutritious, healthy food to a wide variety of...

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