Buddy Olsen, a regular Harbor Fish supplier for 30 years
Harbor Fish Market is the place to get lobster in Maine. Lobsters come right off the boat, through our back door, and are temporarily stored in fresh, aerated, circulating ocean water, which means our lobsters aren’t sitting in the chemicals of those small “supermarket” tanks. Our lobsters are as fresh as lobster gets.

If you’re visiting our store, we can pack to travel with a little ice for your short trip home, or in your cooler for a longer drive. We can also pack your lobsters in one of our insulated boxes, with re-usable gel packs for long trips. Our boxes can also be checked as luggage if you’re flying, and our smallest box can even go as carry-on luggage (always check your carrier’s baggage policies!)

If you’re not nearby, no problem! We ship live lobsters overnight, so you can enjoy the freshest Maine lobster just about anywhere, just about anytime.

How do I cook my Maine lobsters?

Cooking Maine lobster is nothing to be intimidated by; it’s simple! Just make sure to steam them instead of boiling them. Check out the complete recipe here!

What is the difference between a hard shell lobster and a soft shell lobster?

A soft shell lobster is a lobster that has, as a normal function of its growth, shed its shell. This tends to happen sometime in early- to mid-summer. Most soft shell lobsters have typically become hard shell by November or December. During this period, known as soft shell season, hard shell lobsters are still available (though less plentiful). Soft shell lobsters generally contain less meat per pound than hard shells, though that meat is a bit sweeter and more tender. Soft shells are not recommended for travel, nor can we ship them, as their life expectancy is a much shorter out of water.

For answers to more of your lobster questions, check out the Lobster FAQ at our knowledge base, and check out more creative ways to serve lobster in our recipes!

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