Live Maine Lobster

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Live Maine Lobster in 3 choices of size. Priced per lobster.

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The world famous Maine lobster is available in 3 different size categories, Chicks, Quarters, and Halves. Chicks weight at least a pound, typically about 1.1 pounds. Quarters weigh at least 1.25 pounds, typically 1.35 pounds or so, and Halves weigh at least a pound and a half; typically about 1.65 pounds.  We don’t ship Jumbo lobsters. They may look impressive, but honestly, you won’t enjoy the tenderness of the meat, so we keep it simple to keep you happy.

If you’re serving sides, we recommend 2 Chicks, or 1 Quarter or 1 Half per person as a meal. The very hungry (or enthusiastic) can easily handle 2 Quarters, or maybe even 2 Halves as their meal. We highly recommend sticking to one size for your entire order. It simplifies your dinner prep, and prevents confusion (and anger?!) at the dinner table.

These live hard-shell lobsters come out of our fresh-ocean-water tanks only moments before they’re packed in sturdy insulated boxes, with seaweed and re-usable ice packs, and shipped to you. Hard shell lobsters generally live 24-36 hours out of water, as long as they’re kept cold. Of course, we cannot guarantee the life of a lobster, but we can guarantee that they’re lively when we pack them (we want you to have a great dinner, too!!).

In the unusual event that a lobster dies in transit, it may still be cooked and eaten safely as long as it has been kept cold throughout transit. If you cook it, and it smells of ammonia, don’t eat it. Otherwise, enjoy!

You can find more information on our Live Maine Lobster page, or in our Lobster FAQ. For recipes and cooking information, see our recipes section.

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