Listen, we are not here to convince you to throw away the turkey and only eat seafood on
Thanksgiving, but we will suggest adding a bit of seafood into your day! There are many ways to
do this and we will show you how.

First, a fish-filled appetizer. This can be as simple as adding smoked salmon, mussels, scallops,
blue fish, or a combination of these items to a charcuterie board, or as a stand alone with
crackers and cheese. In addition, if you want to put in a bit more effort, we have plenty of
recipes located on our website that would be insanely tasty, yet simple to put together. A
couple of our favorites are the Crabmeat Jalapeno Poppers, Scallops with Cranberry Bacon Jam,
or Baked Oysters: Chowder in a Shell. You honestly cannot go wrong with any of those options.

Perhaps you feel as though seafood is better left as a side dish. In this case, we also have plenty
of options on our website to choose from. Our favorites include White Cheddar Lobster Mac
and Cheese, Warm Calamari Salad, and our Autumn Salmon Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette.
As always, we invite you to head to the recipe section on our website and scroll through the
many Harbor Fish Market ‘tested and approved’ recipes.

Now, if you really are taking this blog post seriously, perhaps you will throw the traditional
center of plate – a plump turkey – out the window and you will aim for a seafood C-O-P. A
couple fantastic options that come to mind is a whole side of salmon, dressed to perfection.
Steamed Maine lobsters, why not? Or maybe some swordfish steaks sound more up your alley.
If this is the case, please document your Thanksgiving table with photo evidence and send it our
way – that would make us so very happy to see!

One last way to include seafood in your Thanksgiving is to add some seafood to your stuffing!
Last year we made an incredible Oyster Stuffing with Chestnuts and Sausage… and this year we
are making a crab meat stuffing (Stay tuned – it will be live tomorrow on our Facebook page
and Youtube channel) Traditional stuffing is great…. but seafood stuffing is better 🙂 One trip to
Harbor Fish market will convince you!