We blinked and it is mid-November. Does anyone else feel this way? Last we checked, July 4 th
was last week! With Thanksgiving upon us, we feel it is a good time to share with you what
Harbor Fish Market is grateful for.

First, our employees and coworkers. We are so very thankful for the staff that makes the magic
happen around here, some of whom have been around for 30+ years! We are grateful for
everyone … the fish cutters, cashiers, sales clerks , shipping dept, HR, accounting – the whole
crew! Without these people, we wouldn’t be what we are today.

Next, our fisherman. These guys work tirelessly to supply our market. They are up at the crack
of dawn, busting their you-know-what’s to provide for us. It is through rain and wind, sleet and
snow that they head out into the ocean and for that we are forever grateful.

Last, but most certainly not least – our customers! You guys are the backbone of our operation.
We can’t even begin to explain how thankful we are to have such a loyal and caring customer
base. The stories we hear from you all make our hearts happy. There isn’t a day in our store, or
via email, that we don’t receive a fun story about a shipment of lobster that landed in Missouri,
Tennessee, Oklahoma…or almost anywhere in the USA!. Sometimes it’s a simple “just want to
say thank you” …and it makes our jobs so very special.

Ahh! It feels good to get that all out on paper. But truly and honestly, these words don’t
scratch the surface and really, no words ever could. Simply put – our hearts are full. Thank you!