Ok, so yes there’s the green beer, bangers and yummy colcannon but one staple of the Irish diet goes back centuries…the prized salmon. Folklore has it that the Irish treasured their salmon and it was a special meal, indeed! Salmon was said to contain vast knowledge and all those that ate it, would absorb it. Oh, we wish that were so, but they were definitely on to something, after all, we know now that fish is ‘brain food’. Early on, Irish cooks tended their fish over applewood that lent it a nice smoked flavor. The Irish also kept stews going all day, every day, over their fires – no wonder there are so many Irish stew recipes. Fish and shellfish were a staple in their diet and there have been many cave excavations where piles of shells have been found. Celebrating St Patty’s with a delish meal is easy when you have a great market like Harbor Fish available seven days a wee – five days by FedEx! Start with one of our fresh salmon fillets, add some fine ingredients like local honey and Irish whiskey to glaze it, yum! And of course, you must make colcannon, as a side. It would not be an Irish dinner without potatoes and cabbage!