Currently we receive our swordfish from the North Atlantic waters of both the US and Canada,
as well as some being imported from South America. North Atlantic Swordfish are a very
sustainable fish species, completely managed by the NOAA Fisheries and Atlantic Highly
Migratory Species Management Division.

Swordfish are a fish species with many interesting characteristics, including being one of the
fastest predators in the ocean. Their streamlined bodies allow them to swim as fast as 50 mph.
They are also a quick growing fish, maxing out at about 1,165 lbs., but mostly caught between
50 lbs. and 200 lbs. The excellent sustainability of the swordfish population may be due to their
high position on the food chain. They have few natural predators.

The flavor profile of swordfish is best described as mild, with a hint of sweetness. Their meat
also contains a moderate amount of fat, allowing it to stay moist during cooking. Swordfish can
be baked, broiled, grilled, sautéed, and smoked. Due to the mild flavoring, you can pair this
meat with just about any flavor. Citrus, soy sauce, hot sauce, a dry rub, a sweet honey sauce,
and fresh herbs all work great. Per 3-ounce serving of swordfish, you receive 20 grams of
protein, 3.5 grams of fat, and a healthy dose of omega’s, as well as 93% of your daily dose of
vitamin D!

This week’s swordfish recipe screams summer! Dust off those grills, because they are a vital
tool in this recipe!