TA-DA!!!  It’s finally on the shelves…Harbor Fish’s own “SoFISHticated Seasonings” All Purpose Blend spice. It took a few months of R & D but we finally came up with just the right blend of spices, then developed a great looking label and wow, there it is on the shelf. Launched on Friday, April 21, with an announcement on our social media pages, it’s been flying off the shelves since… having a seasoned scallop tasting on launch didn’t hurt. 😉

There were many product requirements that we absolutely would not budge on…first, the spice must be lower salt, msg-free, gluten-free and we must use non-irradiated spices in our blend. We wanted the ingredients list to be as clean as we could make it, and we achieved that. Secondly, we wanted to design a label that said a bit about who we are, and we achieved that. The iconic front door of Harbor Fish Market does it in one glance. “We know fish, since 1966” is the perfect tag line because, well, WE DO KNOW FISH! And we sure did our research! Our staff here at HFM tasted many a version of spices on pollock, salmon, haddock, skate wings, scallops, shrimp, you name it, before we decided on the final blend. And finally, we worked with a Maine co-packer with an excellent reputation. The sp-icing on the fish cake, so to speak. Job well done.

Our seasoning is not only great on seafood, but is just as good on chicken and pork, stirred in egg salad or cottage cheese, sprinkled on the rim or in a Bloody Mary, a top a Ritz cracker or tasted straight off your finger…yes, all of the above have been tested and approved by our team here at HFM!

You can find SoFISHticated Seasoning on our store shelves, and it is available on-line. Tell us what you cook up, we would love to hear from you!