Who doesn’t love the slow cooker this time of year? It’s all in one pot. You start it before you head to work.  You arrive home and the house smells great (like you cooked all day, but it wasn’t you!) All you need to do is add the last ingredients and by the time everyone gets to the table you have a nice hot, hearty, delicious meal!

We know the first rule of seafood is don’t over cook it, which is why if you read most of the slow cooker seafood recipes, the seafood goes in at the last, as it is quick to cook up. While you go through your mail or catch up with kids, that last addition of seafood to that crock pot full of hearty ingredients will be ready before you know it! There are quite a few recipes online that sound so good, but of course a good hearty shrimp boil tops our list! We have found cioppino, paella, seafood stew, jambalaya, and more. So, try something new in your crockpot this winter, it couldn’t be easier! Harbor Fish has all the seafood you need for a crock pot full of YUMMINESS!