Passover this year will be celebrated from sunset on April 8th until nightfall on April 16th . During this time, Jews will celebrate the Exodus, the freedom from slavery of the Israelites from Ancient Egypt. It is a very important celebration for the Jewish faith.

There are many traditions associated with this holiday and one of them involves white fish and matzo,
which is an unleavened bread. Gefilte fish is made from ground, deboned and seasoned white fish mixed with egg, matzo crumbs, carrot and potato formed into balls or cakes and then poached in fish stock. In modern day preparations, salmon is also used for a pink gefilte. This will be served at Seder meals all over the world.

At Harbor Fish, members of the Jewish community can find boneless fillets that would be appropriate to use for the holiday. And as always, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find what you need.