Upon stepping foot in our store for the first time you will notice a lot; heaping piles of glistening ice, wet cement floors and fresh ocean smell to name a few.  More often than not, first time visitors will point straight at the whole fish case.  Here you will find a slew of fresh, whole fish, eye balls and all!  Some people may be a bit frightened, others curious… “now what would I do with that?”

That question we hear all too often when it comes to any of our whole fish, whole shrimp, whole octopus, etc.  and truthfully, we understand the question.  Preparing whole seafood just isn’t the norm in at home cooking, or even on restaurant menus, really.  But we are here to stand proudly and say, whole fish are freakin’ awesome eating once you know how to prepare them!

Slap a red snapper on the grill with some olive oil, salt and pepper… then dig in!  Or even, skewer some head-on shrimp and pop them on the grill with some fresh herbs and spices… and if you want to really go all out, pick up a full octopus to prepare and eat!  Not only are whole fish absolutely delectable, they really make a great center piece for any get together.

We ask that you give our whole fish section a chance.  All of our staff are here to assist and can always give great ideas on how to prepare whole fish for any occasion!  Stepping outside your comfort zone in the kitchen can be a fun, rewarding and tasty experience for everyone involved!

Stay tuned for our whole fish recipe later this week!  It’s a great one!