Mom…a word that conjures up all kinds of warm images. A warm kitchen is what comes to my mind when I think of my mom, where something delicious was always going on the stove top or in the oven. So, it’s no wonder that with Mother’s Day approaching my thoughts turn to food. ‘Take Mom to dinner’ or ‘cook Mom a dinner’ are two of today’s most popular Mother’s Day gifts. I have always enjoyed the latter, watching my kids in the kitchen, chatting and laughing and sharing recipes, old and new. To me, sitting down to a ‘kid cooked’ meal is an absolute joy, even if it were ‘mud pies’ being served!

Not sure what to serve Mom on her special day?

At Harbor Fish Market, in-store or online, you will find just the right ‘center of the plate’ item to plan the perfect dinner for Mom. It can be as simple as boiling up a few “King of Seafood” Maine lobsters and putting on a bib, or stuffing some sole with crabmeat and drizzling an elegant sauce over it. At our retail store, you will find free recipe cards for a wide variety of seafood, or follow our Facebook or Instagram pages to see Sarah’s video recipes…And don’t forget to ask our staff ‘how to cook’ questions, they all have favorite recipes and don’t mind sharing.

What better way to show Mom how much she means to you… a lovely seafood dinner, a nice thoughtful card and ummm…maybe a crown?

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