We always think of the first big seasonal BBQ as Memorial Weekend, it’s the kick-off to summer. Now, I know some people never stop grilling no matter what, and that’s cool. But in Maine, when it is below zero and the snow is whipped by the wind so hard it hurts your face, you might not want to stand outside and flip a burger.

So, we are talking a ‘T shirts and shorts, lawn chairs, cold beverages, kids running around in the yahd kind of day’ and around here that is typically Memorial Weekend. Hamburgers and hot dogs cooking up on the grill for sure but it’s time to think outside the box. There are some great fish steaks to throw on the grill, halibut, tuna, salmon and opah to name a few, and Harbor Fish is the place to shop! There is very little prep for a fish steak, as little as just rubbing it with cracked black pepper and olive oil. We also carry many sauces and marinades that are also perfect for fish steaks – sweet, salty, spicy, you name it. So, get your Memorial Holiday weekend on and serve up something different along with the typical fare.

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