As if there is not enough to celebrate in the month of December, Maine scallop season has to be near the top of the list for us. We wait all year for those delectable rounds of seafood to be delivered to us. As soon as they come in, one of our wonderful staff members, Terri,  starts bringing them home every other night, gloating on Facebook, showing everyone her pan of seared beauties.

Scallops are a highly regulated Maine species, and although we wish we could get them year round, we totally get why that’s not possible. Just makes the getting even sweeter. Scallops are a low-fat, low calorie protein that is so versatile!  You can dress them up with a maple cream sauce or simply pan sear and put them on a bed of greens.

However you cook them, be on the lookout for them in December!  We always push for our customers to feature Maine day boat scallops on their holiday tables! Not sure how to cook them? Check out Harbor Fish’s website for recipes or in-store ask one of our knowledgeable staff!