Last summer, Harbor Fish introduced a Maine lobster roll kit and it was quite a hit. It was the perfect grab and go meal. Fresh Maine lobster meat (4 oz), a just-baked roll from a local bakery and a packet of Hellman’s mayo. Simple Maine goodness. What a convenience for tourists who were headed out on a Casco Bay cruise and needed a ‘mug-up’ first. We also found locals grabbing a few kits because they had company coming and wanted to go out on the lake for a boat ride. Easy-Peasy with a Lemon-Squeezey. You don’t really need to serve much else when you have family & friends coming ‘from away’. All they will end up talking about is the Maine lobster roll, and they will definitely be posting a pic on Facebook. It will look grand, too, because 4 oz in a top split bun is plenty full.

And YOU will be the ‘in’ relative to visit…oh-oh.