Harbor Fish Market is excited to offer our customers an excellent line of products from Acme Smoked Fish™. Acme is a 4th generation, family run business that’s been in operation for over 100 years, based in Brooklyn, NY.  Acme’s product line consists of traditional cured and smoked fish. They source from pristine waters and responsibly farmed salmon, as well as sustainably harvested wild salmon.
We offer their Blue Hill Bay® brand of Whitefish Salad, their Ruby Bay® brand of Smoked Salmon Trimmings and Acme Smoked Salmon Candy to mention only a few of the products we carry. Smoked products are a great addition to your holiday table.
Come on down the wharf and pick some up!
Be sure to check out the Smoked Whitefish Cakes recipe on our recipe page. Visit their website to learn more about their company.
Here’s the link: https://www.acmesmokedfish.com