Independence Day, better known as the 4thof July, is celebrated across the United States with fireworks, parades, and of course, FOOD. Here in New England the holiday is all about the outdoors…picnics and BBQs on the beach or at the lake, ice cold beverages on the deck or the boat…and maybe hosting the king of all outdoor cooking: The New England Clam & Lobster Bake. If you are looking to have a traditional bake, you start by digging a fire pit, loading it up with dry wood and lining it with some large stones to help retain the heat. Then place large grills over the fire and add a layer of fresh seaweed over the grills. Next is the fun part…put layers of lobsters, steamers, mussels, quahogs, potatoes, corn on the cob, and onions on the seaweed and cover with a big tarp or a bunch of wet potato sacks and the wait begins.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to a ‘bake’, you are in for such a treat…all your favorite seafood, cooked to perfection in one giant ‘pot’! And you can play frisbee, badminton, croquet or horseshoes while you wait. And then !!…the tarp gets pulled off, the ok is given, you grab your platter and load it up!

Harbor Fish Market is THE one-stop seafood shop for the 4th.  You will see only the freshest live Maine lobsters, brought in from local lobster boats which land right at our wharf. Fresh live Maine steamers, quahogs, and mussels…and if you are treating your guests to lobster rolls, we’ve got you covered with a fresh supply of Maine hand-picked lobster meat. Our oyster selection is second to none and it’s the perfect appetizer. Need lobster claw crackers, bibs or shucking knives? We have those, too! Have a question about how to cook something? Just ask our knowledgeable staff, we have the answers. Everything you need and some things you didn’t know you had to have for a great holiday celebration!

*Tune in to our video recipe for a Lobster & Clam Bake on the grill*

Harbor Fish Market wishes you a safe and Happy 4thof July!