Oysters and Champagne…Champagne and Oysters…like peas and carrots. But why? Well, now it’s a matter of science.
In 1735, Louis XV commissioned a painting of a grand feast for his palace in Versailles. “The Oyster Dinner” by Jean Francois de Troy, is the first known depiction of the pairing of oysters and champagne. The divine gastronomic combination of oysters and champagne has been known to man for hundreds of years but the science of why it is so appealing has been unknown. In November of 2020, researchers from the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Food Science discovered the scientific explanation for why these two delicacies complement one another so well. The answer is simply that they have both been found to have umami which translates from Japanese as “pleasant savory taste”, which along with sweet and salty, is one of the five basic flavors detectable to humans.
Come on down the wharf and choose your favorite Oysters, then pick up your. favorite Champagne in your local wine store and enjoy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!