It’s been a year since we launched our Harbor Fish’s own SoFISHticated Seasoning! It’s been a great year introducing our customers to more mildly flavored fish and being able to pump up the flavor with our seasoning. A real favorite has been using pollock in a demo and seasoning it on the heavier side for trendy fish tacos. We have also sold pre-seasoned pollock fillets right in our fresh fish case, with great response from our customers.

For us, it’s a real joy when customers come in and grab a few bottles for gifts, just because they love it themselves. Our own staff will be happy to tell you just how many ways they have used it. Our seasoning is great on fish for sure, but it’s also good on chicken and pork, or mixed into flour for dredging and frying, mixed into scrambled eggs or in to cream cheese for bagels…we have seasoned up Ritz crackers and stuck our fingers in it just to taste it one more time. Yes, it’s that good. On demo Fridays, we always hear from customers saying how good they think it is… it’s been very rewarding. So, well done us…and on to the next flavor!