Hake is a member of the cod family and is a great alternative to cod.  Although just as tasty as many other white fish, we find hake to be an under-utilized species.  Perhaps that is because most people don’t realize how awesome Hake really is!

The flesh of Hake is lean, white and very moist when cooked.  Hake can be baked, fried, pan-roasted, used in soups/stews, broiled, or even poached.  Due to its mild taste, you can really add any type of flavor to the fish and it will taste great.  What comes to mind for us is citrus, simple salt and pepper, curry, or even a Cajun seasoning! The possibilities are endless, truly!

Hake is one of many fish in the sea – literally!  Try it sometimes and maybe it will become a favorite on your dinner table! Stay tuned for our corned Hake recipe coming this week!  It is our pre St. Patrick’s day (although not an Irish dish), seafood-inspired “boiled dinner!”  We are sure you will enjoy it!