The vast majority of our customers know and love haddock. It’s an extremely popular, tasty white fish, and it’s a staple here in the northeast US.

Haddock is often mistaken for cod, as they are very similar fish. One way to know the difference is to look for the haddock’s black lateral line, as well as the blotch on each side (over the middle of the pectoral fin). If the fish is already cooked, you can differentiate haddock from cod by observing how the meat flakes. Haddock has a finer flake when cooked, as well as thinner connective tissues.

In terms of nutrition, haddock gets an A+. From a fillet—a little over 5 ounces—you receive 53% of your B12 for the day, 25% of your B6, and 9% of your magnesium. In addition, this fish is low in fat and high in protein, giving you less than 1 gram of fat, and 30g of protein per 5.2-ounce portion.

Haddock has a very mild flavor. This makes it a versatile fish to cook with. You can essentially cook haddock with just about any flavor. Light citrus, creamy sauces, breaded, baked, fried, or just steamed simply with salt and pepper, the possibilities go on and on!

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