We get a lot of questions surrounding oysters, which can often seem a bit of an enigma.
They also can be a bit intimidating the first time you try them. We are here to answer some of
those frequently asked questions and also educate our customers on these tasty bivalves!

So how do you eat a raw oyster? Once opened, some people just throw their head back
and swallow them whole, but we think the best experience comes from chewing the oyster,
allowing you to taste the salty belly and sweet muscle. Always take a couple bites. You won’t
regret it!

Oysters have different tastes depending upon where they are harvested. Generally, an
oyster from the east coast is going to have a more briny taste, while an oyster from the West
Coast will be sweet and cucumbery, often times with a fishy taste. The real fun in trying different
oysters is realizing the wide variety of flavors and textures that can come from oysters that are
grown just a few hundred yards from each other (try a selection of different Maine oysters and
you’ll see what we mean).

We carry a large number of oyster varieties from oyster farms in Maine and elsewhere,
and though they are all very different from each other, in total there are only 5 species of oysters
on earth! These species include: Pacific Oysters (or Japanese Oysters), Kumamoto Oysters,
European Flat Oysters, Atlantic Oysters, and Olympia Oysters. Each species looks quite
different, and can be differentiated by their shells. For example, Kumamoto oysters are smaller,
with a round and pale looking shell, while Atlantic oysters are shaped like a tear drop and are
often larger.

Can oysters be cooked? Of course! Oysters are wonderful on the grill with some garlic
butter, or even a spicy sauce drizzled over them. Oysters do well with quick, hot heat, rather than
low and slow. But we suggest you try them both raw and cooked!

Are oysters good for you? Oysters are great for you! They contain a lot of zinc, which
can give you energy, boost your sex drive, and boost your immune system. Who doesn’t want all
of that?!

Did you know that oysters are extremely beneficial to our waters? These tiny bivalves
actually filter 30 to 50 gallons of water per day, per oyster! Imagine what an entire bed of these
can do!

Alongside being beneficial to the ocean, oysters are great for your garden as well! Instead
of chucking the oyster shells in your garbage, make them into fertilizer! Oyster shells contain a
lot of calcium. This can improve the PH balance of your garden’s soil, provide essential nutrients
to your plants and strengthen their cell walls. All of these benefits produce healthy, brighter

Oysters pair well with alcohol, but did you know that Americans pioneered booze and
oyster pairings? The New York oyster tavern of the 19 th century is where most Americans tried
booze and oyster pairings for the first time. After the trend caught on, these taverns began to
spread south. Oysters can be paired with just about any spirit. Martinis, champagne, wine, and
even stouts can be successfully paired.

All in all, oysters are fantastic! In addition to being tasty, they have a positive impact on
our environment, they are a great source of zinc, there are a vast amount of different flavors to
choose from and they pair well with just about any type of spirit!

If you still have questions regarding oysters, any of our knowledgeable staff members can
help you learn about flavor profiles, cooking tips, guidance for beginners, etc. Also stay tuned
for our oyster recipe this week! It is one that everyone can enjoy!