Happy Fall, y’all!  Although we are a bit sad to see summer go, there are so many great things about fall that we are looking forward to! The start of fall is a great time to talk about how cooking your seafood changes as the weather starts to cool down.

Coming into fall, we start craving the warm, hearty comfortfoods.  We typically ditch our grills (although we do know a handful of people who grill in the snow – troopers!) and tend to lean more towards using our stove tops and ovens to heat our food and our houses.

Piping hot fish stews, buttery flakey lobster pot pies, cheesy shrimp alfredo… oh we can’t wait! There are few things better to eat than comfortfood. This fall, our goal is to give you weekly fall-inspired recipes that are unique.  We love inspiring you all to reach outside your comfort zone in the kitchen and whip up something fun for the first time!