We are now carrying a new variety of shrimp!  Our Blue Foot White Shrimp are farm raised on the coast of Ecuador in an eco-friendly environment.  The shrimp farm is directly adjacent to the sea and is recognized for producing delicious, world-class shrimp without interruption for more than 20 years.  Due to the Maine shrimp fishery being closed through at least2021, we are always searching for great tasting, fresh shrimp alternatives, and we are certain this shrimp is up to HFM standards!

Chanduy Farm is located on 3,500 acres, which allows the farmers to raise the shrimp in a low-density environment, avoiding overcrowding and promoting healthy shrimp. The closely monitored habitat is free of antibiotics, additives, preservatives, or growth enhancers, always! Another added bonus to their location is that ChanduyFarm receives an infusion of fresh ocean water with every new tide.  This creates a natural habitat and results in a succulent, sweet flavor.

Chanduy Farm also undergoes an annual audit by the Swiss-based institute of Marketecology (IMO), as well as certification from Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). This ensures the farm follows sustainable practices and only produces the highest of quality, eco-friendly shrimp.

Be on the lookout for our newest recipe video and recipe card using the Ecuadorian shrimp, coming tomorrow!