The tradition of eating fish rather than meat on Good Friday stems from the Roman Catholic custom to not eat warm-blooded animals on Friday.  Christianity states that Jesus sacrificed his flesh on Good Friday, dying for our sins.  This is the reason why the church encourages its followers to abstain from consuming meat.  As this tradition became a rule for Good Friday, fish was typically the meal of choice.


Fins and Scales…as the Torah states: ‘These you may eat of all that live in the water; anything in water, whether in the seas or in streams, that has fins and scales-these you may eat.’

At Harbor Fish Market, we have a wide array of both fresh, whole fish and fresh fish fillets for the Passover holiday. Choose a whole fish and we will fillet it while you watch, or choose a fillet and ask our knowledgeable staff about the characteristics of that fish. If you are in our retail market, you will notice a window that allows our customers to watch our expert fish cutters at work. During the summer tourist season, it’s standing room only, as customers get a first-hand look at fish processing!

We are currently running an online sale in honor of these spring holidays!  Now – April 26th you can purchase discounted Faroe Island Salmon, Medium Haddock and Prince Edward Island Mussels.  Head to our retail store and check out the plethora of options on sale and priced normally that you can choose from!  Fresh seafood for any holiday is a must in our *very biased* opinion!

Also, be on the lookout for our recipe using Faroe Island Salmon!  It will be posted to our Facebook page tomorrow.  We love giving you ideas on how to cook with our products. Especially when our products happen to be on sale!