Although a lot of the same cooking, preparation, and storing methods are generally the same between poultry, red meats and seafood, there seems to be a lack of education surrounding seafood as it pertains to everything from handling, cooking and storing it away.  The steak you keep in your fridge for a couple days and then cook, could also be replaced by fish, and kept for just as long.  Of course, we understand that the time frame is different depending upon when the meat was cut, the fish was processed and so on and so forth, but the rules are generally the same – and when all else fails – smell it!  We all know what passed date steak smells like – and you will also know when fish is passed its prime with a simple smell test as well.  In addition, the same way steak or poultry starts to look off – fish can look off too.

You may be thinking, ‘okay… but where are you going with this?’ Perhaps our point really isn’t about the similarities between poultry, red meats, and fish, but more so that fish seems to be chosen less, and people seem to be less confident when cooking, handling, or storing seafood. So how can we go about introducing seafood to the group of people who don’t feel confident when purchasing it? We know there are plenty of ways, such as our weekly DIY recipes, educational posts on under-utilized species, heck, the entire month of October is dedicated to the cause, but another way we go about this is by making seafood convenient. Enter our GRAB AND GO cooler!

Did you know that we have rolled out an entire refrigerator full of grab and go seafood options? Absolutely none of it requires cooking. You simply grab it and go! There is no more guessing, or not feeling confident in your abilities to create a meal out of a halibut steak, a whole black sea bass, or even a salmon fillet. Our grab and go cooler is about giving the options a try, and the options are plenty! We have several different flavors of Maine kelp salads ranging from beet-infused to spicy kimchi – named Sea-Chi. There are premade seafood salads, baccala salad, smoked fish, mussels, scallops and more! We even have our very own Maine lobster roll kit, that allows you to create a Maine lobster roll, just how you like it! In addition, we have locally made sushi rolls of several varieties, octopus salad, grilled mackerel fillets – and more!

In the ‘grab and go’ section you will find fresh pasta, too. All you need to do is cook the pasta and mix in one of the seafood salads to create a delish pasta salad for lunch or dinner…and don’t forget the locally baked baguettes we have at the register to complete this easy to put together meal. Stop in and visit Harbor Fish Market, and walk away with a dinner or two, all prepared- easy peasy lemon squeezy – oh yes, we have fresh lemons, too!
















Marine Hatchetfish: Hatchetfish get their name from their hatchet-shaped bodies.  They are small and found in deep, dark ocean water. Hatchetfish are one of the only fish that can produce their own lightthrough a process known as bioluminescence.


Viperfish: Viperfish have long, needle-like teeth and a hinged lower jaw.  Their teeth are actually the biggest teeth of any fish on earth – relative to their head size.  Viperfish live in the deep sea anduse their light organ to attract their prey through bioluminescence.


Goblin Shark: Goblin sharks are a rare deep-sea shark species.  These sharks are pink in color and can grow up to 12 feet long and weigh up to 460 lbs.  They are characterized by having long goblin-esque snouts and fang-like teeth.


Vampire Fish: Vampire fish, also known as Payara, penetrate their prey using their 6-inch-long front teeth.  These fish reside in the Amazon river in South America.


Wolf Eel:  The wolf eel is not an eel at all!  Wolf eels are actually fish, that look like eels due to their long tails.  These fish can grow up to 7 ft long and weigh a whopping 40lbs!  They are found in caves, crevices and reefs.