At HFM, we see lots of age groups come into our retail market. From little babies to 90 year old dads coming in with their daughters (there is a particular older dad that comes in that is totally a charmer!) School age kids are a favorite and it is so much fun to see kid’s reactions to the live lobsters, but they also show keen interest in our whole fish display. We hear things like “look at those teeth!”, “why is his skin so shiny?”, “do clams bite?”…so many questions! And at a seconds notice, one of our staff will jump in and give a quick lesson about lobsters and answer all the questions and then some.   We are firm believers here that educating the public about seafood makes them better consumers and the best place to start is with children. But, according to recent research, seafood consumption is down among young families. There are many reasons why, one of them being that the average consumer doesn’t know what to buy or how to prepare it. As a way to help solve the problem, Harbor Fish Market exposes our customers to new fish, new seasonings, and new ways to cook fish. We do that not only by displaying our shellfish and finfish for all to see, but also by making recipe videos, how-to videos, we have free recipe cards in the store, and we have a blog and a newsletter. Every Friday in the store, we have a sampling. It could be a new product presented by one of our vendors, or it’s Terri at the demo table cooking up a fish that most have never heard about! All of this is a grass roots effort by Harbor Fish to inspire a new generation of fish eaters and to show everyone how easy it is to eat fish!