With weather forecasting, they are able to tell us we have a snow storm coming days ahead. Take the opportunity to be prepared (no, not toilet paper, milk and bread) but a fun-filled day of cooking seafood! When you hear you may have a snow day coming, go online and grab one of our awesome recipes and come on into Harbor Fish Market to pick up all your ingredients. Make sure you pick out a more complicated recipe, one with plenty of chances to show off your inner chef! Then there you are… snowed in, in your comfy pjs, TV on the Food Channel for inspiration and ready, set, go! Start chopping, sautéing and whatever else you need to do. Take your time and enjoy all the smells coming from your kitchen. Set the table like it’s a holiday dinner – did you include the fish forks that you never use? … and viola! You have just cooked a meal fit for royalty. As you plate that first serving, you will know in your heart that you did indeed ‘Beat Bobby Flay’!