In an ideal world, you would always trust what the tag says when purchasing seafood. Unfortunately, consumers have every right to be skeptical. Some fish markets operate unethically, trying to pass off lower quality, or older fish, asa freshly caught product. Here at Harbor Fish, we only sell 100% unadulterated seafood. There are absolutely no extenders, chemicals, or preservatives in the food we provide.

We would like to share some tips and tricks on how to purchase quality fish. Firstly, your market’s reputation and consistency are absolutely key. What do their reviews say about their business? Is the staff knowledgeable? Is the market clean? Does the store smell good, or bad? A well-run fish market never has a stinky fish smell. It should always smell more like the ocean, and far less “like fish.”

Using your senses can help a lot as well.

Smell:  Fresh seafood should almost have no odor. If there is any sort of pungent odor coming off of your fish, that is a red flag. Fresh fish should smell exactly like a clean market, with a sweet, ocean-like scent.

Sight:  Fresh fillets should also be bright and shiny, never dull or dry looking. Whole fish should have clear eyes, and a clean body cavity (a bit of blood may be present, but that is normal.) The gills should be a vibrant red, never brown or pale looking.

Touch:  You can always ask to touch the fish you wish to purchase. It should feel plump and firm, never soggy, or mushy.

Taste:  If your fish passes all of the tests above, it should taste incredible!

If you found this newsletter interesting, and informative, be on the lookout forfuture newsletters. We enjoy educating our consumers about the fish industry, and we look forward to seeing you in our store soon!