Arctic Char is a close relative to the brook trout, found from Northern Canada to Scandinavia. Due to the popularity of Arctic Char for food consumption, they are often farmed, as well. They are silver in color, and their bellies become a beautiful vibrant red during spawning season. Due to the color of their meat, arctic char is often mistaken by customers for salmon fillets in the showcase.

The flavor of arctic char resembles a combination of salmon and trout. The meat is firm, with a high fat content, comparable to sockeye salmon. It is high in omega 3’s, and has a low methylmercury content, making it an absolute knockout choice for health and nutrition. Some people use it as a trout or salmon substitution, and others eat it because they prefer its mild flavor profile. The mild flavor also makes it a great kid-friendly fish choice, as well.

In cooking, this fish is versatile. It is best baked, sautéed, broiled, or grilled. It can also be seasoned in a variety of ways, best in a buttery sauce, a spicy dry rub, a freshly made pesto sauce, or just simple fresh-squeezed citrus! Harbor fish sources its arctic char from the icy cold waters of Iceland. Our char is humanely raised, with no traces of preservatives or by-products, ever! This allows you to enjoy your arctic char stress-free, knowing that it is of the highest quality.

*stay tuned for this week’s recipe video, and printable recipe card, featuring arctic char! It’s one recipe, you don’t want to miss out on.

Bon appetit!