There was a time in Maine during shrimp season, that there were plenty of small whiting around and a buyer would come up from Rhode Island and buy them all up, they were cheap fish. He sold them to fish fry restaurants and street vendors that would fry them whole and stick them in hot dog buns. Flash forward to today and whiting has come up a peg or two in the fish world. Now, you can see whiting on the menu in many restaurants and not served stuffed into a bun! Whiting is a mild flavored, white flesh fish and lends itself to poaching, baking or frying.  Also, it’s great to throw in with other seafood for a chowder. It has plenty of health benefits, and is packed with vitamins and minerals. You can serve it plain or fancy, it’s very versatile. (check out our video recipe)

When you come in to Harbor Fish, you will find whiting on ice in the whole fish display. Don’t let that scare you! One of our knowledgeable sales clerks can fillet it for you, just let them know how you want it, or how you are cooking it, they will do the rest.