The holidays are upon us and it’s time to bring out the fancy dishes and treat your guests to delicious seafood. Let’s talk about crabmeat. We are really lucky in the NorthEast to have our icy, cold North Atlantic waters to give us the sweet Jonah and Rock crabs. At Harbor Fish you will find fresh crabmeat and crab claws to add to your holiday menu. Jonah crab claws are great for an appetizer and you can make a real quick dipping sauce with mayo and Dijon mustard. Simple. Crabmeat is so versatile. For finger sandwiches, mix crabmeat with little mayo and a bit of fine diced celery, a nice fresh finger roll and make a whole plate-full. For a holiday luncheon, mix the crabmeat and fill sandwich buns. (the ones
that are like hamburger buns) Melt butter in a fry pan and grill them like you would grill cheese. This makes a heavenly crabmeat sandwich. For dinner, crabmeat makes a great seafood stuffing. See our recipe right HERE. I either use it for baked stuffed haddock or stuffed flounder pinwheels. I also use this stuffing for squid in sauce, another holiday favorite. If you are looking for a dip recipe, mix crabmeat, chopped artichoke hearts, cream cheese, mayo and parm/romano cheese. Spread it in a pie plate and bake until bubbly. And let’s not forget about holiday brunch…crabmeat quiche or crabcake benedict,

Harbor Fish Market is always well stocked with fresh crabmeat for the holidays!
Find lots of recipes our website, right HERE