Let’s start by saying fresh shrimp is not something the Northeast sees much of. The Northern Maine Shrimp that we used to enjoy has been depleted and has fled to colder waters. Unfortunately, according to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the Gulf of Maine, all the way from Cape Cod to the top of the Bay of Fundy, is warming faster than 99% of the global ocean. Wild Gulf of Mexico shrimp are usually sold previously frozen due to their short shelf life.
Many people worry when they hear “farm-raised” in regards to seafood. We’d like to tell you about the fresh Ecuadorian farm raised shrimp that we carry at Harbor Fish. The shrimp are free of antibiotics, growth enhancers, additives or preservatives. It is shipped to us overnight within 24 hours of harvesting which is pretty amazing. The shrimp arrive fresh and have never been frozen. Chanduy farm in coastal Ecuador adheres to the strictest sustainability standards and maintains low stocking density. Bordering the ocean enables the farm to be infused with fresh Pacific sea water with every tide. The texture and taste of fresh shrimp can not be beat.
Shrimp is loaded with protein, vitamins B3 and D, zinc, and is carbohydrate free. We offer them whole head-on and peeled and deveined ready to cook. There are endless possibilities of how to prepare them.
Please check out the recipes here on our website.