Donostia Sardines

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Donostia Sardines. 4.5oz tin.

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Little tins of sunshine. Each tin of sardines in olive oil is bursting with vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, and full of healthful Omega 3s. And that’s on top of being wild-caught in the waters off the coast of Galicia in northwest Spain. And that is on top of being plump, and tender, and delicious. A best-seller.

Sardines hand-packed fresh from the sea in olive oil and salt only, the traditional Spanish method. Caught via sustainable techniques. You can eat them straight from the tin or skewer them on a toothpick with a guindilla pepper and cherry tomato atop a slice of crusty bread for a quick pintxo.

Ingredients: sardines, olive oil, salt. Net Weight: 4.5 ounces/120 grams.

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