Maine Lobsters 6x Fresh Cooked , Chilled 1-1/8 lb Soft Shell Lobsters


6 Maine lobsters, freshly cooked, chilled, and shipped directly to your door! (Shipping cost calculated at checkout). Also available for curbside pick up.

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A tremendous value! 6 freshly cooked pound-and-an-eighth (aka chix) lobsters!

These will come fully cooked! We recommend eating them cold, while dipping them in nice, warm melted butter. If you prefer, you can re-heat them by steaming them for just a couple of minutes (but it’s easy to overcook them, so be careful)! This is a great way to get your lobsters from us, because you could eat them another day after you receive them, as long as they’ve been kept cold (with live lobsters, you have to cook them the same day you receive them).

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Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 in


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