Live Maine Steamers

$6.99 Lb.

Please note: These delicious live steamers are regarded as soft-shell clams. We pack them as carefully as possible, but you should still expect some breakage. Order accordingly.

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Known as a “soft shell” clam for their delicate shell, these are the famous “belly” clams found in the best pier fried clams, clambakes, and clam cakes. Steam them in white wine, garlic, and parsley for the perfect compliment to your lobster dinner, or make them a meal on their own!

Of course, we cannot guarantee the life of a clam, but we promise: we’re picking out and packing the liveliest, freshest clams for your dinner!

Ordered by the pound, we recommend about a pound per person as a main course, and a half-pound per person as an accompaniment. If you have “healthy appetites,” you can double that estimate.

It’s important to know that it’s difficult to ship steamers without incurring some minor breakage of their shells. This is not usually an issue with poor handling, it’s just the nature of steamers, which have relatively delicate shells. If you do find some steamers with broken shells in your order, fear not, they can still be cooked and eaten! It’s very rare for there to be enough breakage to “ruin” a meal. (Unfortunately, in the case of normal steamer clam breakage, we cannot issue refunds, nor will FedEx reimburse you.)

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