Grilled Swordfish with Pineapple Peach Salsa
  1. Rinse and pat dry the swordfish, and place it in a 9×13-inch glass dish.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together all of the marinade ingredients. Pour the marinade over the swordfish and turn to coat. Marinate the swordfish for no more than 1 hour.
  3. While the swordfish is marinating, combine the salsa ingredients in a bowl and toss to combine. Preheat the grill to high heat.
  4. Grease the rack of your grill (or use a grilling tray), and grill the swordfish approximately 4 minutes on each side, or until the fish flakes apart easily. You definitely don’t want to overcook swordfish or it will be tough and dry.
  5. Serve immediately- each swordfish steak topped with a generous dollop of pineapple peach salsa.