Baked Clams
  1. P􏰏reheat the o􏰇ven to 􏰐􏰑􏰒450 deg􏰅rees.
  2. O􏰆n a 􏰊flat baking􏰅 sheet􏰁 take a lar􏰅ge sheet of alum􏰃inu􏰃m foil􏰁 crump􏰃􏰄le it up􏰄􏰁 and then 􏰄pull it ap􏰄art and sp􏰄read it onto the bakign􏰅 sheet. a􏰓llow􏰂 the foil to stay a little crump􏰃􏰄led.
  3. 􏰔Nestle each o􏰄pened cla􏰃m on the foil􏰁 being􏰅 careful to keep􏰄 le􏰇vel in order to reserve􏰇e the li􏰈quid.
  4. S􏰄prinkle so􏰃me bread crum􏰃bs on each cla􏰃􏰕m enough􏰅h to coat each􏰁 then season each 􏰂with the p􏰄arm􏰃esan cheese,􏰁 g􏰅ranulated 􏰅garlic,􏰁 􏰄parsley􏰁 and black 􏰄pep􏰄􏰄er. D􏰖rizz􏰗􏰗le a little bit of oli􏰇ve oil onto each clam􏰃. B􏰘ake about 􏰙􏰒m􏰃inutes. T􏰉o finish,􏰁 􏰄put the cla􏰃ms under the broiler for 􏰚􏰒30 to 45􏰐􏰑 seconds. Serv􏰇e w􏰂ith lem􏰃on w􏰂edg􏰅es.