Maine Maple Sunday is an annual rite of passage from winter to spring here in Maine. People come out of hibernation to get fresh Maine maple syrup drizzled over pancakes, ice cream and yes, snow. Although there may still be snow on the ground, the maple trees are producing the sweet sap we know and love! Maine Maple Sunday is always the fourth Sunday in March.

Maple syrup producers transform the sap into syrup, candies, cotton candy, and we pour it over salmon, scallops and shrimp. I bet you didn’t expect to read that! You can enjoy everything from maple teriyaki shrimp, maple glazed salmon and even, fried lobster tails with maple syrup (Stay tuned for the recipe!)

Maine maple syrup is a must in our recipes. There is nothing better than supporting our local maple syrup producers because Maine maple flavor is superior… just like Maine seafood!

Stay tuned for our take on mixing Maine Maple Syrup (Dunn Family Maple in Buxton, Maine to be exact!) and seafood.  Dunn Family Maple is absolutely incredible if you have never tried it, we highly suggest visiting them in Buxton and giving their bottles of sugary goodness a try!