Marine Hatchetfish: Hatchetfish get their name from their hatchet-shaped bodies.  They are small and found in deep, dark ocean water. Hatchetfish are one of the only fish that can produce their own light through a process known as bioluminescence.

Viperfish: Viperfish have long, needle-like teeth and a hinged lower jaw.  Their teeth are actually the biggest teeth of any fish on earth – relative to their head size.  Viperfish live in the deep sea anduse their light organ to attract their prey through bioluminescence.

Goblin Shark: Goblin sharks are a rare deep-sea shark species.  These sharks are pink in color and can grow up to 12 feet long and weigh up to 460 lbs.  They are characterized by having long goblin-esque snouts and fang-like teeth.

Vampire Fish: Vampire fish, also known as Payara, penetrate their prey using their 6-inch-long front teeth.  These fish reside in the Amazon river in South America.

Wolf Eel:  The wolf eel is not an eel at all!  Wolf eels are actually fish, that look like eels due to their long tails.  These fish can grow up to 7 ft long and weigh a whopping 40lbs!  They are found in caves, crevices and reefs.