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Recipe NameImageCategorySeafood Ingredients
Baked Haddock with Lobster SauceEntreesHaddock
Charcoal Broiled Maine Steamer ClamsAppetizersSteamer, Soft-Shell, Long Neck Clams or Ipswich Clams
Clams Linguine EntreesHard Shell Clams-Quahogs
Crab CakesAppetizersMaine Crabmeat
East Coast Cobb SaladSaladsLobster Meat - Fresh
Finnan Haddie EntreesDucktrap Smoked Haddock
Halibut with Sorrel SauceEntreesHalibut
Laughing Bird Shrimp Cakes Appetizers 
Lemon Drop Scallops with PastaEntreesScallops
Lobster Club SandwichEntreesLobster Meat - Fresh
Lobster QuesadillaEntreesLobster Meat - Fresh
Lobster SauceAccompanimentLobster Meat - Fresh
Maine Shrimp Meat with PastaEntreesMaine Shrimp Meat
Moist Baked HaddockEntreesHaddock
Oyster BakeAppetizersOysters
Oyster Stew Soups and ChowdersOysters
Pollock TacosEntreesPollock
Remoulade Sauce Accompaniment 
Seafood and Corn ChowderSoups and ChowdersScallops
Simple Cusk ChowderSoups and Chowders 

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