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John Dory

Product Specifics on Quality: Delicate, small fine flakes, with a sweet flavor.

Primarily Sold As: Whole or fillet

Culinary: Baked, poached, broiled, pan fried, in a bouillabaisse or in Europe hot smoked.

John Dory - Zeus faber -  Also know by the name of St. Peter’s fish, it is a very peculiar looking fish, with long spiny fins and a distinctive looking face. The fish has a predominant dark spot on it’s side. They are silvery in color with small scales.  They are hunters, known to stalk it’s prey. They feed on squid, sardines and various other schooling fish.  They can be found primarily in the Indian Ocean, Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea.

John Dory - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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