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product Specifics On Quality:  White meat, very delicate, very sweet.

Primarily Sold As: Whole fish

Culinary: Pan fried with seasoned coating.

Characteristic: Smelts - Osmerus mordax - Fresh smelt season is one that a lot of native Mainers anticipate.  If you should find yourself in Maine during the winter months and happen to pass by a frozen river, salt bay or an inland lake, you will more then likely see shacks of all shapes, colors and sizes sitting out on the ice.  Some to most of these are smelt shacks.  Groups of friends and families will plan a day out on the ice, fishing for these tasty little treats.  Some shacks are very sophisticated, usually equipped with a wood burning stove, seats and a cast iron fry pan.  Out of the water and into the pan. Smelts are about 6 to 9 inches long on average and have silvery white sides and a greenish blue on their upper back.  They are cooked head off, guts out, tail on, and are fried in a seasoned coating.  The bones pull away from the meat, which is white, sweet, delicate and never enough.  A fresh smelt has a very distinctive aroma of watermelon and some describe it as cucumbery.

Smelt - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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