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Steamer, Soft-Shell, Long Neck Clams or Ipswich Clams

product Specifics On Quality: Tender, sweet flavor, somewhat briny.

Primarily Sold As: Price per pound.

Culinary: Steaming in flavorful broth.

Characteristic: Found mostly north of Cape Cod, these clams can be dug from the mud or sand clam flats. Their shell is very thin and easily broken; color can range from black to a grayish white, depending on the flat they are dug from. Mud clams are usually dark and sand clams are light in color.  These clams are bivalves and feed by extending a siphon, which is used to draw in nutrient rich water that gets filtered for food and then expelled.  The expulsion leave a hole in the surface and can be visiable at low tide, which is helpful for the digger to be able to locate them in the flats.  Fresh clams are sold in the shell or shucked.  If in the shell, test to see that they are tightly closed or, if slightly open, that they will close or move upon being touched.  A bad or rotten clam will usually have a strong rank odor.

Steamer, Soft-Shell, Long Neck Clams or Ipswich Clams - currently available at the Harbor Fish Market retail store.

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