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product Specifics On Quality: When fresh and dry, there should be a translucency to them and they should have a firm texture, should keep their shape, and have a sweet rich taste.

Primarily Sold As: Per pound, by the gallon by count to the pound.

Culinary: Fried, sautéed, baked, broiled, seared, raw, roasted or grilled.  There should never be any excessive amounts of water coming out of a true dry scallop see FAQ.

Characteristic: Sea scallops in the Atlantic, can be found from Labrador to New Jersey.  They are usually processed on board the fishing boat, and their shells discarded overboard, to help form new beds.  Of the whole scallop, the only part that is eaten (in the United States) is the "abductor muscle".  This is the muscle that allows the scallop to swim by venting water through its shell.  In Maine, the inshore season generally runs from December until the end of April.
Raw scallops can range in color from creamy-white to pink and orange.  The color of the scallops makes little to no difference in the flavor.  The cooked meat is opaque white and retains its firm texture.

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