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Maine Crabs - Live

product Specifics On Quality: Live, delicate, sweet, flaky, delicious pinky-white meat.

Primarily Sold As: Count by the each
Jonah Crab - Pictured

Culinary: Steamed or spiced boiled

Characteristic:  Most crabs in the New England area are either Rock crabs, Sand crabs (Cancer Irroratas), or Jonah Crabs (Cancer Borealis) These crabs are marketed under many names.  Peekytoes, Eel Grass, River and Bay Crab are some of the terms we have heard.  They are just marketing terms to make them sound like something other then what they are.  The Maine crab is small in nature compared to its distant cousin the West Coast Dungeness Crab.  Crabs are the second most popular shellfish after shrimp.  Since the Maine crabs are so small they are very hard to harvest the meat from,  it is a job best left to the professionals.  The saying "good things come in small packages" couldn’t be more true than it is here.

Maine Crabs - Live - currently available at the Harbor Fish Market retail store.

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