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product Specifics On Quality: White meat, very delicate, mild, somewhat of a shellfish flavor.

Primarily Sold As: Fillet

Culinary: Sautéed, grilled, poached or baked

Characteristic: Skate - Raja ocellata - There are many species of Skate found in the Gulf of Maine: Big, Brier, Common, Eyed, Hedgehog, Leopard, Little, Prickly, Rosetted, Smooth Tail, Spotted, Starry, Summer, Thorny, and Winter.  They are as graceful in movement in the water as butterflies are in air.  The most common skate that comes to market in Maine is the Spotted.  The wing portion of the skate is the product that gets marketed.  Skate wing looks very distinctive.  It has a wedged, ridged, fold out fan shape to the fillet.

Skate - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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