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product Specifics On Quality: Medium pink to light beige meat, firm texture, sweet flavor, large flakes.

Primarily Sold As: Fillet

Culinary: Grilled skin on, baked, fried or broiled

Characteristic:  Mahi-Mahi - Coryphaena hippurus - Also known as Dorado, Dolphin-fish or Dolphin, however the fish is not related to the mammal called Dolphin.  Mahi-Mahi generally come to market weighing an average of ten pounds but have been caught weighing as much as 60 pounds.  Mahi-Mahi is one of the fastest swimmers and prefer warmer tropical waters of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Florida.  Crabs, squid, mackerel and other small fish are its usual prey.  As with any fish you purchase, it should have a clean, fresh smell.  The fillets should be firm and can range in color from a medium pink to a light beige.  The deeper the color, the stronger the taste.  Mahi-Mahi has fast become a popular item, now being served in most restaurants.  It is a good substitute for swordfish.

Mahi-Mahi - currently available at the Harbor Fish Market retail store.

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