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Product Specifics On Quality: Firm, dense, mild flavored, off white pinkish meat.

Primarily Sold As:  Whole, tails or loins.

Culinary: Baked, broiled, fried, used in casseroles, chowder or stews.

Characteristic: Monkfish - Lophius americanus - also known as anglerfish, goosefish or the ugliest fish you probably will ever see.  It has a mouthful of teeth, and a thin, almost antenna-like appendage with a tiny little spike looking thing on the end of it;  this is used as a lure to catch and eat other fish.  The Monkfish buries himself in the ocean floor and wags this appendage in the water; when another fish comes to investigate what might be food he jumps forward from the mud and swallows them up.  The tail meat is the only part of the fish that most commonly gets used.  The raw fresh meat is off-white to pale gray and has a blueish membrane on the outside of the tail.  Monkfish is generally available from September - April.

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